Sunday July 29, PM Workshps

W35: Play with Your Students to Build Understanding

Daniella J. Fisher, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College

This hands on, interactive workshop is for chemistry or science educators who wish to introduce, practice and assess abstract concepts with upper elementary, middle and high school, and beginning college students through the use of common building blocks. The use of LEGO TM blocks provides a familiar, and fun, avenue to relate a concept, promote student interaction and engage the kinesthetic, visual, and auditory aspects of learning. Workshop participants will be lead through a typical class lecture as applied to teaching introductory chemistry. Examples of concepts taught include classification of matter, introduction to the periodic table, and chemical formulas.  Advanced applications include electron configurations, balancing chemical reaction equations, and practicing critical thinking and effective written communications.  Using the blocks as an alternative assessment tool will be explored.  Each participant will receive a set of lesson plans and an example block set; 3-hour session.  Intended

Audience: MS/HS/UG

No fee; limit of 30 participants

Sunday, July 29, 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m., 014 LFS


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