W5: Navigating an Internet of Chemistry via ChemSpider and the WikiHyperGlossary

Antony J. Williams, Royal Society of Chemistry US Office
Martin A. Walker, SUNY Potsdam
Robert E. Belford, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

This workshop will introduce participants to the Royal Society of Chemistry’s ChemSpider, an online database, chemical information and curation service utilizing web 2.0 technologies and delivering information regarding over 25 million chemical compounds. Participants will be guided through hands-on tutorials of ChemSpider including text, structure and substructure based searches. Explanations will be given of how new standard structure formats are enabling the interlinking of the web and how to search across the web for structure-based information. Participants will gain an understanding of the ChemSpider data curation services and how to upload and obtain spectral and other data. There will also be a short introduction to the ChemEd DL WikiHyperGlossary, a social semantic information literacy and acquisition tool that automates the markup of digital text documents and web pages connecting them to canonical IUPAC and social glossaries, while also connecting them to ChemSpider through both glossary terms and molecular editors. This workshop is sponsored by the ACS DivCHED Committee on Computers in Chemical Education and further information can be obtained at http://www.ccce.divched.org/22ndBCCE-CCCEWorkshops. The workshop team includes project leaders of both ChemSpider and the WikiHyperGlossary; 3-hour session.

Intended Audience:  UG; PC/MAC platforms

$30 fee; limit of 20 participants

Sunday, July 29, 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m., 004 LFS


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