Monday July 30, PM Workshops

W56: Creating Laboratory Exercises which Bridge Formal Instruction and Authentic Research

David Cartrette, South Dakota State University
Matthew Miller, South Dakota State University

Literature indicates that students leave STEM disciplines for a number of reasons, one being a reported feeling of isolation in STEM career trajectories.  This workshop, intended for laboratory instructors at all educational levels, will incorporate laboratory development around the central theme of building a community of practice among chemistry students from differing educational levels, with the goal of mimicking a functional research laboratory.  Such a pedagogical approach may help ease attrition from scientific disciplines.  Emulating a research laboratory setting requires that students work on experiments or projects centered on a common theme, but have different duties depending upon students’ educational level.  In this workshop, participants will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this pedagogical model based on personal experiences and literature precedents.  Additionally, participants will work in small groups to devise three experiments and one project for implementation at their home institution based on the community of practice model.  Assessment strategies will also be planned.  Laboratory instructors from all educational levels and chemical sub-disciplines are encouraged to attend.  All participants should bring with them a general listing of faculty research interests from their home departments, a listing of experiments currently used in their instructional labs, and a willingness to develop new and creative laboratory exercises!  3-hour session.

Intended Audience: HS/UG

No fee; limit of 25 participants

Monday, July 30, 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m., 105 Chambers


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